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Calling all Crocheters and knitters!


For the past week or so, I’ve been talking about wanting to form an official group that can be my “go to” peeps for testing patterns.  A few weeks ago I opened up a group on Ravelry for those who were interested in testing my patterns, but it hasn’t been as consistent and organized as I would like.  So instead, I am hoping to have a more “permanent” group that I can email when I have a pattern that needs testing.

Here’s how I’m thinking it will work:  I will select 12 people to be part of my group.  Whenever I have a new pattern to test I will email those 12 individuals.  Those who are interested and available to complete the project in the given time frame, will be sent the PDF pattern.  If I send an email out and you won’t be able to test it for me, no worries, catch the next one. I’m selecting a group of 15, in hopes that at least a minimum of 3-5 people are available to test the pattern at that time. If all 12 can, great!

I am looking for honest and reliable testers who have a passion for crochet. It would be awesome if you knew how to knit as well, but not necessary.  As a tester you will receive my patterns for free. I work hard to create my patterns, and I need those who will be committed to providing me with notes and pics of your work by the date noted with each pattern.  If I use your picture, you will be tagged and given credit on Instagram as well as given credit on Ravelry- this can help build your following 🙂

So, If you’re interested here’s How to “apply”:

Please email the following to me at please include “pattern tester” in your email subject

-Introduce and tell me a little bit about yourself

-How long have you been crocheting?

-What is your favorite thing to crochet?

-Do you knit?

-Do you have an Instagram account, blog or other form of social media I can check out? If so, please include that in your email. If you don’t have any, please email me a few pictures of your work.

That’s it 🙂  I will be taking emails until November 30th.   I look forward to working with you!!  Thank you!!


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