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Cluster stripe beanie

My cluster stripe beanie pattern is now available on  Ravelry! It’s my first completed hat pattern and I love the way it turned out. Thank you to all of the testers who tested it for me πŸ™‚  

I’ve really enjoyed creating this hat! The cluster stitch is one of my favorites. It’s super simple, yet gives a more “fancy” finish when you’re looking for more than a plain ol’ double crochet.

This hat is a mix of cluster stitches and half double crochets. The cluster stitches, in combination with the different ribbing in the hat, gives it great texture! Wear it slouchy or fitted!

I’m also working on a cowl pattern right now using the Caron cake -red velvet, so be on the look out as I will need testers for that before listing it πŸ™‚ hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

 Red velvet Caron cake πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»


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