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Baby Yoda // Costume tutorial

Have you guys been watching that new show ‘This is us’ on NBC?  I intended on starting this post an hour or so ago but I was watching that show and was distracted.  If you’re not watching it, catch up, its really good! Anyways…




Halloween time is almost here, and that means COSTUMES!  I have been thinking about what my 3 1/2 month old baby would be this Halloween. I like “DIYing” my costumes because it is 1000% cheaper, better quality and its FUN!  I remembered I had a crocheted Yoda hat already made up that was never purchased, so to make it easy on myself, I decided to go with it. With the hat already made, to finish the costume took no time at all!  Even with the hat, this costume can be whipped up just days before Halloween. So maybe you waited too long and you’re looking for a last minute costume?  Give this one a try!

The skills you will need to complete this costume are, crochet (or a friend that knows how and can make the hat for you),  and basic sewing skills (optional)

So lets get into the tutorial:

First things first- the materials needed:


-Crochet hook size H8/5mm


-Lion brand Yarn in the color Joshua tree (or any green color of your choice)

-Brown yarn for the tie

-long sleeve 3T cream shirt, or size long enough to be worn as a robe (I bought mine from Walmart)

-A solid brown onesie (I couldn’t find a plain onesie, so I worked with what I had)

-Jeans to keep babies legs warm.

-Sewing machine or needle and thread if you know how to hem by hand (optional)


Now, this costume was made to fit a 3, almost 4 month old but it is super easy to make in any size. You will just purchase larger or smaller clothing, as well as adjust the measurements of your hat when crocheting.  If you need a reference on resizing your hat, see my previous post on size measurements for crocheted hats.


First you will want to make your hat.  I made mine using this pattern. If that pattern doesn’t suit you, there are others out there. Just search Pinterest, Ravelry, Etsy etc etc 😉


Step 2: Grab your brown yarn and chain 115. Cut and pull the end through.  Tie both ends to give a bigger knot (it looks better) and then trim the remaining yarn tails. Set it aside


Step 3. Take your cream shirt and cut straight up the center.  I roughly measured the center of mine and used a ruler to cut the line as straight as I could. Doesn’t have to be perfect. After all its on a baby, and everyone will be focused on the cuteness and won’t be inspecting your hem too much ;).


Once you’ve cut down the center, you will taper the collar as shown below. Again this doesn’t have to be perfect.


Next, pin your rough edges in preparation to hem. If you don’t know how to sew, or you want to make this even more simple, you can leave it as is and it won’t fray.  It will be kind of bunched up with a tie around it so the rough edges wont stand out too much.  It doesn’t take long to sew a couple straight lines down the center, so I went ahead and gave it a better finish.


Once you’ve hemmed it all up, you’re finished!!!


Now you can go try it on your cute babe and be proud of the DIY costume that everyone will love!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!! Stay warm, and Until next time… 🙂





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