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Knitting math 

    (In the Photo: DPNs- hiya hiya in size US 11/ 8mm. Yarn-lion brand wool ease thick & quick In the color barley)

    Howdy everyone! Happy Friday and happy Fall! I love this time of year :). Cooler weather means more knitting and crocheting. 
    Right now I’m working on hats for my Etsy shop and I wanted to share with you guys something I found that makes sizing your hats super easy! Maybe you have your system down and you already know how many to cast on for the size you want, but if you’re newer to knitting hats like I am, check it out: it’s a hat calculator

    I knew I could manage a simple knit hat without a pattern, but what I didn’t know, is how many stitches to cast on. I did some google searching and found a huge time saver. This is a great tool for those of you who are getting into pattern designing and need a base guide for your hats. It will take your gauge and tell you how many stitches to cast on, as well as the length the hat should be. It does all the math work for you- brilliant!  I’m so glad I found it and I hope that you will find it useful for your next hat project.


    (In the photo: Yarn- Caron cakes in the color Boston cream. Susan bates hook size US H/ 8mm. Yarn dispenser from Yarn Valet)

    Now, it’s not all about knitting. I love crocheting too! If you’re a crocheter, I have something for you as well.  Below is a link to the guide I use for crocheting hats. It has worked very well for me, and with some simple measurements, you can figure out just the right size for your hats! Enjoy 🙂 

    Sizing guide for crochet hats


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