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Pattern: Crochet Mini flower doily

When I was creating my moms doily I stopped to experiment with stitches and ended up creating a mini doily that I think is super cute and resembles a flower- which I love. You can make this little doily in no time and add some cute touches to your decor. Below is the pattern for it, enjoy!

*you are welcome to sell any items made from this pattern. I ask that you link back to my blog for reference. Do NOT copy or sell written pattern. Thank you 🙂

Crochet mini flower doily


-fingering weight yarn (I use loops and threads from Michaels craft store. It comes in a variety of colors)

-3.75mm hook


12 DC into magic circle
Rnd 1: ch 3 and 2 DC in each st around, join to top of ch 3. Ch 3

Rnd 2: 2 DC in first st, skip 1 st, 2 DC in next. Repeat around. Join to top of chain 3. Ch 3

Rnd 3: Shell st in every ch 1 sp around. Join at the top of ch 3. Ch 6

Rnd 4: Sl St between first two shells, ch 6 and Sl st in between each shell st. Join at the base of the ch 6 at the beginning. Ch 1

Rnd 5: sc into first ch 6 sp, 8 HDC in same space. Repeat around. Join and finish off! Block finished piece (optional)


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