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Red white and blue crochet paper clip tutorial 

I recently discovered the trend  of decorative paper clips. Maybe I’m just out of the loop because I don’t use planners or paperclips much, but apparently cute paper clips are a thing in the planner and stationary world. Some of them I’ve seen are pretty darn cute! I made a trio of yellow green and pink ones last week but thought it’d be fun to make some red white and blue ones in prep and celebration of the upcoming holiday -4th of July! Below is the crochet pattern and tutorial on how I attach the bows to the paper clip! If you’re looking for a Super easy and quick diy project for the 4th, this one can be done in no time!

First, the materials you will need:

~Small amounts or scraps of red, white and blue yarn in medium worsted weight (I used lily sugar and cream cotton but you can use whatever you’d like)

~hot glue gun

~size 4.00 mm crochet hook (Susan bates are my favorite)

~3 jumbo sized paper clips


Crochet bow pattern:

Ch 7

Row 1) sc in each ch across, ch 1 turn

Row 2) Sc in each Sc across

Row 3) sc around perimeter placing 2 sc’s in the corners

Finish off, weave in ends


Now for attaching your bows to the paperclip!

Step one:

Cut a piece of yarn approx 16 inches long. Hot glue one end to the wrong side of the bow.

Step two:
Pinch the center of the bow…

Now wrap the yarn around the center a couple time

Step three:

Hold the paperclip To the back of the bow, pull the yarn through and wrap the yarn around both the bow and the clip. Wrap around until you like how it looks…

Once you have it how you like it, Hot glue to secure the wrap and trim end. Hot glue other areas needed to secure paper clip to the bow

And thats its!! Three super cute and easy paper clips you can use for planners , notebooks or to spruce up your office space!


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