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Yarn Valet product review 

I was at Hobby Lobby for my millionth time, browsing the yarn and tools when I saw it- NEW merchandise. I go to Hobby Lobby quite often and I browse these isles A LOT, so anything new jumps right out to me. So of course I was intrigued.  As a crocheter or knitter you know that whenever you see a new tool it’s hard to resist it.

I had been wanting a yarn bowl for awhile but couldn’t find one that I thought I’d like that wasn’t expensive. Being a mother I knew a ceramic one was out of the question, no matter how beautiful some of them were.  

Have you been wanting a yarn bowl but you just don’t know which one to choose? Well I have a suggestion for you!

Introducing the Yarn Valet yarn bowl!!  Let me tell you my top 3 reasons why I love this yarn bowl:

1: It’s very affordable! (especially using Hobby Lobbys 40% off coupon). So if cost is the main reason you haven’t picked up a yarn bowl yet, give this one a shot!! 

2. Kid friendly. The bowl is made of a durable plastic type material, so if it is knocked over or picked up by a little munchkin it won’t break into a million pieces. 

3. It has a rubber  bottom that keeps it from sliding-on any surface. Super plus! I was happy and impressed with that feature.

And a Bonus just for fun: it’s pretty! The edging looks like a flower and I love flowers! 

So there you have it! It’s simple yet durable, easy to travel with and affordable! I hope you found this review helpful. Go to your local Hobby Lobby today and pick one up!! 



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