Hello friends:) I lay here and type this out at 4:30AM- yes I said AM. Pregnancy insomnia, and restless leg syndrome has got the better of me lately. Boo! But that’s ok because I get fresh new baby breath soon. 😁

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’m nearing the “terminal stages” of my pregnancy -as Michael Scott would describe it- haha!! Just in the last week, my knitting and crochet have slowed down a bit. My hips and back are starting to take a beating as this little dude prepares to make his entrance into this world! Due to Prego brain and tiredness, it seems I can’t focus on very many patterns to save my life, so I don’t have a ton going on. I started a knitted owl baby cocoon that I’m just working on finishing up, and it’s super cute. I have a lot I want to make- or rather, start-so we’ll see if the next several weeks will allow it.

My blog posts might start looking a little sparse in the coming weeks, until things get settled again after the new babe arrives. We’re super excited to welcome a new member to our family! Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! Hope to write again soon! Ta-ta for now 😉


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