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Magic loop knitting 

If you’re a knitter you know that there are different types of needles. Straight, circular and DPN ‘s (double pointed needles).  With crochet, you can buy one set of crochet hooks and pretty much be set. When you find a pattern you like you will 99.9% of the time have the hook you need with just that one set of hooks. Knitting is a little different. A set of straight needles is great, UNTIL you gain more experience and come across a pattern that is knitted in the round. Then what? You have to go out and buy a circular needle or DPN’s in that size. Pretty soon you might have a whole basket full of needles-which lets be honest, as a knitter, you might have anyways- but it can get expensive to keep buying the size you need for that one project. You can have a ton of needles and still need ANOTHER to try that pattern you’ve been eyeing. Atleast this has been my experience. So, save yourself time and money and purchase an interchangeable needle set. I prefer the sets by Knit Picks if you’re needing a suggestion. You can essentially do ANYTHING with a set of interchangeables and the cables using the magic loop method. You can knit straight, as well as in the round all with one set of needles! Brilliant right? Course there may be some of you out there that prefer the fixed circular needle or DPN’S and that’s great too!  I’m new to the magic loop and it definitely takes practice and learning. I may even prefer circulars for certain things, but I know that if I come across a project where I don’t have the circular needle needed, I can just whip out my interchangeables and do the magic loop method. Save money and storage! Circular needles aren’t the easiest to store when you get too many piled up,  and then to travel with them at all is kind of out of the question in my personal opinion. I’m working on my second project with the magic loop and it’s turning out great. Give it a try!


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