Blessing outfit and blanket complete :)

A few posts back, I shared a couple pictures of the startings of a blessing outfit and baby blanket I was making for my baby boy-due in July. I’ve finished both of those and wanted to share those patterns and pictures of the finished product. I LOVE the way they both turned out! Both of the projects were something I’d never tried before. The blanket is a c2c (corner to corner) pattern and it turned out really nice! I definitely see future blankets being made with this same pattern. I like it because it’s solid, yet doesn’t take long at all to work up. The blessing outfit it knitted. I really enjoyed doing that one, because it was my first real knitting project and clothing item. There are some mistakes in it, but it turned out great, and I can’t wait to dress him in it! I will list patterns below for those who are interested 👇🏻

Blanket pattern, romper pattern


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