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Product review // Knit Picks needles and needle case

I’ve just recently purchased one of Knit Picks NEW needle cases for my interchangeable needle set I ordered from them last Summer.  I love it! You can choose from 4 different colors: black, gold, silver, and pink. I chose gold and I’m very happy with my purchase! I would love to see even more colors, but none the less this is a great house for your needles.  It is a zippered case and has space for two sets of interchangeable knitting needles with a zippered portion on each side for notions and cables. I thought it only had space for one set, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received it in the mail and saw it had double the space. I only have one set of interchangeable’s so I keep my set of double pointed needles on the other side and It’s perfect! This case holds all of my notions, and cables which makes it easy for travel. Everything all in one spot! If you’re looking for a new case for your needles I recommend purchasing one of these.

I also want to talk about the interchangeable nickel plated circular needle set from Knit Picks.   Basically, if you are an avid knitter, you should think about investing in a nicer set. Investing in a quality set of knitting needles will improve your projects and knitting experience tremendously! These needles are very light in your hands and easy to knit with. The cables are flexible and the joins are smooth.  They come with two different cable lengths, some cap ends, and a tool to make sure you properly tighten the cable to the needle tip.

Not into a metal type material? That’s ok, they also sell laminated birch sets! I have not personally tried those out, but if you have I’d love to know what you think.

So, the best part? You get great quality for less!  Knit picks is a higher end fiber arts supplier that sell awesome products for affordable prices. So go check them out, and if you’re already on the Knit Picks train, leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you have and how you like it!



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