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Crochet hook review


Whether you’re a pro crocheter looking for some new hooks, or thinking about learning to crochet, let me offer you my simple advice on which hooks I like best.  When I first started learning,  I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a set, so my first thought was AMAZON!   I had read a few reviews and priced a few sets. I was between Susan Bates and Boye. Maybe you are too!?  I decided to go with Susan Bates .  I got this set for $6 on Amazon! Sounds cheap right?  Maybe even too cheap to be considered good quality.  Think again!  These hooks are the way to go, and let me tell you the #1 reason why: The deep hook notch. It’s truly hard to beat. I rarely (and I mean rarely) drop the yarn when crocheting with these hooks. To me, the last thing I want is to be slowed down by my yarn constantly slipping off the hook.  So frustrating! So please do yourself a favor and go get you some 🙂  If you’re not an Amazon shopper, you can also pick these up at a craft store such as Joann’s or Michael’s (be sure to use a coupon to get a good deal).


I’ve had Susan Bates hooks for a few years and I still LOVE them, but I thought it would be fun to try out a few other brands.  The only other brand that I’ve found comparable to Susan Bates are the Caspian hooks from Knit Picks.  They too have a deep hook notch and I have yet to have the yarn slip with these.  They are a little more pricey than your “craft store brands”, but understandably so.  They are multicolored laminated birch. Super pretty. Although I would have loved to,  I couldn’t justify purchasing a full set, so I ordered just a few in sizes I will use the most.  I was worried I might not like them, because I’d never used a wood type hook before, but these glide easily and I love them. The one thing I  would have liked to see in these that would make them even better, is for the tip to be slightly more pointed. In comparison to other popular hooks, these are more rounded at the tip, which for some might make it a little harder to insert through stitches. However,  that wasn’t a problem for me, so much as it was a preference.


The third hook I’d like to review is the Clover soft touch.  I see people raving about these hooks a lot and so DUH I must try it ha!  So I went to Hobby Lobby, used my handy dandy coupon and bought one of their hooks in the size I most often use. The dealio with these are the fact that they are a more ergonomic hook. The handle is thicker to help prevent your hand from becoming sore. The thicker handle was a nice feel, however, out of all my hooks, I’d say this is my least favorite. Why? You guessed it- the hook notch.  I noticed before purchasing it that the hook wasn’t as deep, but I wanted to try it so I bought it.  I can still crochet decently with this hook, but I have to be more conscious about keeping the yarn on the hook.  I will say though that I LOVE how smooth this hook crochets. The yarn glides smooth as butter ;). Overall this is a great hook option for those of you who aren’t like I am and need a hook with a deep notch. If you’re having problems with cramping or pain in your hands, try these out! You can also purchase these through Knit Picks, your local craft stores, or Amazon.


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful.


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