Think Pink!

I am FINALLY 20 weeks pregnant and will be finding out the gender of my baby this Wednesday!  We have a 2 year old boy, and this time, would love a little girl.  Check out all these cute bracelets and little shoes I’m making for my etsy shop! SOOO stinkin’ cute.

But seriously, who wouldn’t want a girl after making all these cute girl accessories?? Now don’t get me wrong, if its a little boy we will be just as excited, but gosh darn it, I really want to buy and make all the cute girl things. I have slight suspicion that it will be a boy, but whenever I go to think that, I feel like it still could be a girl.  With my first baby I was 99.9% sure it was a boy, and it was!  With this one I really don’t know. I don’t have a strong feeling whether its one gender over the other.  I can say that if it is a boy I won’t be too shocked, however if it is a girl I might not believe it.  Either way I’m super excited to be able to go with my husband and little boy to see our baby on the ultrasound screen this week! 😀 eeeee!!  




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