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A new adventure

I have been crocheting for about 3 years and have been wanting to create my own patterns for a little while now. The one thing I’ve been  interested in creating first are little baby dresses, but I just haven’t gotten a handle on how to do the “yoke” or collar of the dress. The closest I’ve been to my own creation is one of my most popular items in my etsy shop: A baby blessing dress

The yoke of the dress comes from >> this pattern, but I’ve done a different skirt to make it look the way I’ve liked.  Well like I’ve said, that’s the closest I’ve come to my own pattern, and have come to the conclusion that I need to start smaller. SO, I’m taking on a new, smaller project and going to be working on creating my own baby bootie/shoe patterns! So far I have come up with a base/sole of the shoe that I like and can use for all my creations. Now the fun part: creating the look of the shoe! For now the patterns will be for my personal use, but hope to one day share them once they are perfected.  Can’t wait to show you my finished products! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @youvebeenyarned for photos as I work!


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